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The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

Registered Charity 1131245
452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888

WHAT'S ON at Immanuel and St Andrew

To see What's On.......

   Read or download 'Open Door' for 24/03/2019.   

(For help go to Further information....... or the NOTES.
Some previous editions of 'Open Door' are also available.)

Special Announcements and News.......

Please note - we are sorry but it may not be possible to show 'Open Door' for Sundays 31st March and 7th April 2019 because of holidays. Details of our Service on 31st March appear on 'Open Door' for 24th March above. On 7th April our Service will be at 10:00am as usual and our Archdeacon, Ven Simon Gates, will preside and preach. Please contact Elizabeth if you need advance details of the readings. For other information please contact the parish office on 020 8679 6888 and if necessary leave a message. Thank you.

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   (You can still read or download their previous link letter from December 2018)  

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Further information.......

Click on the 'Open Door' link above to view and/or download an edited copy of the current news and notice sheet, which carries full details of our immediate programme. As well as details of services it has a 'Diary Dates' section covering other events in the next week or two and often some notices of later events. You may need to install Adobe Reader to view it.

Further down the page are links to some previous editions of 'Open Door', for those who missed earlier information. There is also an 'Advance Dates' section, with brief details of some events beyond the period covered by 'Open Door'.

'Open Door' is primarily designed to be distributed at the Sunday Service or Services; references to 'today', for example, will mean the Sunday when it is/was to be issued. The main changes from the version distributed at the Sunday Service(s) are that personal contact details have been removed to protect individual privacy. Church officers and members may be contacted by calling the Parish Office on 020 8679 6888 if no other information is available. See also the NOTES (in the left column of this page).

There may occasionally be other differences between the version on the website and the version distributed on the Sunday.

Please refer to the NOTES in the left column for further help with this page.


Previous editions of 'Open Door':

Read or download 'Open Door' for 17/03/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 10/03/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 03/03/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 24/02/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 17/02/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 10/02/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 03/02/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 27/01/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 20/01/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 13/01/2019.
Read or download 'Open Door' for Christmas 2018.
(The Christmas edition of 'Open Door' covered several weeks.)
Read or download 'Open Door' for 09/12/2018.
Read or download 'Open Door' for 02/12/2018.

You will need Adobe Reader to read 'Open Door', which is in 'pdf' format. Most computers have Adobe Reader installed, but if yours hasn't you can visit the Adobe website to download and install a free copy.


Advance and Additional Dates
(Look in 'Open Door' above for other/earlier events.)

Sunday 28th April 2019

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Wednesday 17th July 2019

To protect individual privacy, private addresses and telephone numbers of members are not shown.
For information on contacting us or finding the venue for an activity or event please refer to the NOTES (in the left column of this page).

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Activities and events at Immanuel

This page was last updated on
22 March 2019.

This page is normally updated every week, although that may not always be possible, so some events may be past when you visit the site.

At certain times during the year (eg holiday periods) the full programme may be available for a longer period (normally from an 'extended Open Door') and updates may be less frequent.

If you notice errors, or know of changes or have additional dates or information for this page, please e-mail the webmaster. (This link will take you to the Who's Who page, where there is an e-mail address. Please note that direct e-mail links have been removed from this site to reduce the risk of unsolicited bulk e-mail ('spam').)

Activities sometimes take place at the homes of members. However, to protect individual privacy, private addresses and telephone numbers of members are not shown.
If you need help finding the venue for an event, or if you want to contact an individual and do not have the information you need, please refer to the Home Page or the "Who's Who" page for general contact details, or call the Parish Office on 020 8679 6888 (24-hr answering service).

For help in getting to us, visit the 'Getting there & Access' page.

Our Worship.

Immanuel and St Andrew's normal pattern of services is shown on the Services page, where you can also find more information about our worship and other activities. Our main service on Sunday is at 10:00am.

Immanuel Prays - Our prayer group usually meets weekly, though days and times vary - see 'Open Door' for details. We normally meet in the Chapel, and all are welcome. Do come and join us as we pray for the life of our Church, for one another and for other issues that are on our hearts and minds.

All children are welcome to come along to the Junior Church groups, which meet most Sundays in school term time during the first part of the 10:00am service. If any have allergies or special needs please would parents/guardians make sure that the Junior Church leaders are made aware of them. Thank you.

If you began coming to Immanuel and St Andrew only recently and would like to know more, please ask one of the clergy, wardens or stewards for a 'Welcome Card'.

Links to the main pages are at the ^TOP^ of the page.