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The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

Registered Charity 1131245
452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888


Welcome to our new website!

Our website began life in 2002 and over the years had accumulated several pages that had become redundant or that contained information which was no longer relevant or needed extensive revision. It was not practical merely to delete material like that - it would have left broken links and blank pages. So the site was rebuilt in 2015, with fewer pages and a simpler structure. Although the new site is substantially complete, there are a few pages from the old site that need to be converted and transferred to the new one.

The new site is not greatly different in appearance from the old one. To help particularly when navigating the site on a touch screen, smartphone or tablet the main navigation links have been made larger and more prominent. They have bold black print on a bright green background. On most pages the typeface has been changed and enlarged and should be clearer. Otherwise, there are only minor changes to the appearance and layout of the pages.

The main difference between the new site and the old is that many pages have gone either because they were redundant, because they contained information that was no longer particularly relevant, or because it was no longer practical to keep them up to date regularly. Principal among these was the permanent 'News' page, which was almost redundant once 'Open Door' could be downloaded from the 'Diary' page. It was used only when there was some major new item to display. A 'News' page - or possibly pages - will now only appear when there is something special to report. It (or they) will normally just be reached via a single link either from the new 'What's on' page or elsewhere if more appropriate. The 'What's on' page replaces the 'Diary' page as the 'Diary' page had become much more than just a diary!

Some of the pages which just contained photographs have gone, but they are reappearing, usually in a new form, as parts of the 'Photo Gallery'. Some of the pages such as 'History' and individual pages from the 'Resources' section (previously 'May we help') still need a lot of work to 'convert' them - but they will be back.

Thank you. Do have a look around! As before, there are links to all the main pages at the top of this and every page, or you can use this link to go to the new Home page.

In the meantime, until all the pages have been completed, the old site will remain available via the link below, or directly from the 'More information...' page. Note that the old site has been moved, so old bookmarks or links to it may not work. (They may take you to the new site.) Some of the pages in it will refer you back to the new site as the information on them was no longer correct. The old site will become more out of date as time goes on.

Go to the old site.

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Page last updated 04 June 2016.

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Photo of Immanuel and St. Andrew Church (1415a.jpg)
Immanuel and St. Andrew Church
- a view of the building from Streatham Common

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